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Constant IT support for your small business.

No matter the scale of your IT needs, onCALL 25/8 can guarantee constant support for your business. In an increasingly online world, that can make all the difference. We constantly search for ways to streamline our IT services and reduce downtime, so that you are serviced as quickly as possible.

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Remote Monitoring and Management

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Our RMM solution is delivered via a SaaS-based management portal, and is built to dramatically increase your operational efficiency – allowing you to easily monitor, troubleshoot, and maintain desktops, servers, mobile devices and other endpoints for your clients. The platform is directly supported by 650+ technicians at our world-class Network Operations Center (NOC), who act as a direct extension of your workforce. We’re able to offer proactive problem resolution and unparalleled support – freeing you from costly labor and infrastructure investments, and allowing your in-house staff to focus on client relationships and strategic growth. Our proprietary IntelliMon™ alerting system generates smarter, more actionable alerts than any other platform. When Continuum’s RMM agent is deployed, it immediately starts capturing performance information and scanning system processes, applications, and event logs. This information is then correlated by our proprietary IntelliMon alerting system, which works to eliminate white noise and group related alerts into smart, actionable tickets – meaning you can actually trust your tickets, and you’ll only be notified when an action is needed.
IntelliMon™ Alerting
A proprietary alerting system that generates smart, actionable alerts that you can trust. Tickets generated by our IntelliMon system include remediation documentation and best practices based on our years of experience monitoring tens of thousands of servers – designed to not only help you solve the issue at hand, but avoid future problems as well. Problems are also classified based on alert status and severity, so you can quickly and easily determine which issues require the most immediate attention.
Help Desk
 Our 24×7 US-based Help Desk empowers MSPs and ITSPs to exceed customer expectations and provide superior service without hiring additional staff or straining existing resources. We’ll absorb daily routine maintenance and troubleshooting, so your employees can focus on important, higher revenue-producing projects – all for a low, fixed monthly fee at a fraction of what it costs to staff and operate an internalhelp desk. Our technicians receive regular training, coaching and quality review to continuously sharpen their skills, and they’re backed by a team of professional supervisors and managers to ensure consistency and unmatched service delivery. By leveraging a caller ID system, we create a seamless, white-label brand experiencehat becomes a natural extension of your organization. When a customer calls, we immediately recognize the caller and display important user and machine configuration data alongside open and recent tickets. This means our technicians can begin solving problems immediately, without wasting time asking for basic customer information. Users can also reach the Help Desk via email and web-based chat. Help Desk Support Includes: • E-mail applications and browsers• Microsoft and Apple desktop operating systems• Hardware and network troubleshooting• Desktop performance problems• User administration• Thin clients and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI)• Printer installation and support Mobile phones and tablets• Microsoft Office and documented third-party applications