Help Desk For The Home

Our certified technicians can respond to your technology headaches or projects quickly and efficiently. We are equipped to handle all components of your home network including peripherals and accessories. How can we help you?
Dead Computer Repair
We get down to the component level! Why are you making that face? What we’re saying is that we can fix the little chips and electrical components that make up one big piece of hardware… like a motherboard. Inside, the Hardware Repairfoundations of electronics are very similar… we can fix any brand… not most major brands… ANY brand. Yep. Most geeks will recommend that you replace the unit all-together, or that you ship it away to a repair depot in the Midwest somewhere… If you call your manufacturer they will often price the repair really high to encourage you to get a new machine… give us a shot
Memory Upgrades
RAM memory or Random Access Memory is crucial for your computer to run smoothly. Manufacturers often leave out memory in your computer to save money. Don’t worry we can help you! We have the right type of memory for your specific computer in stock, and if we don’t we can get it through our vendors. We will install it and your computer will be running smoothly in no time
New Computer Setup
Just purchased a new computer and need help setting it up? Taking it out of the box is just the beginning of the fun. Now you have to worry about transferring your files, getting the programs installed, removing all the trial software, making sure the system is protected. We’ll make sure your computer is setup correctly and fully secured
Printer Troubleshooting
PC Load letter?! Printer jamming? Weird errors or noises coming from your injket? Flashing lights and red sirens? If it has 1 tray or 20… we can set it up in accordance with your needs, because let’s face it, everyone prints a little differently from the next person.
Email Support and Setup
E-mail shouldn't be a hassle. Spam shouldn't keep you down. E-mail can be fun again. Let us show you how to get the best out of your personal or business electronic mailbox.
Software Install and Setup
Whether you have to install it from a disc, you downloaded it, or it lives online… We can install, configure, and train you on virtually any software platform.
Printer Setup
We can help you with all your printer needs. Whether you’re using a dot matrix or a wireless multi-function scanner/fax/copy machine/ garage door opener all in one device.