Data Recovery Arlington


We have been working with hard drive data recovery in Arlington for 17 years. Our engineers are equipped to recover data from from failed, clicking, not recognized and crashed hard drives, RAID servers, flash drives, camera cards, SSDs, virtual machines and NAS devices.

We are your go to choice for hard data recovery. IT Experts and local computer shops often sub out recovery work to us because of our great prices, fast service, and the highest chances of data recovery from even the most complicated cases.


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Data Recovery Arlington

We offer data recovery service options for businesses who need their data back immediately, very fast or moderately fast with price points to match. We also offer our Budget Service data recovery option for you individuals who really need or want the lowest possible price to recover your data with less of an emphasis on speed.

Our company uses HIPPA & PCI compliant tools, which means we are set up to handle and recover highly secure and government regulated computer files. We are the perfect choice for healthcare providers, financial institutions, large corporations and other businesses with highly secure and confidential information.

Our process starts with a FREE consultation. You will tell us the story of what happened, give us the information about your media storage device, it’s failure symptoms, storage capacity, and a short list of the most important files you need recovered. You will then bring or send your hard drive, RAID, SSD, flash drive or camera card to our lab where we will perform a FREE evaluation to determine the exact failure. We will then provide you with a firm price to recover your files at which point you will decide if you want us to attempt recovery of your data or not.

Of course we will always try to recover every file along with the original file structure from your hard drive, RAID, SSD, flash drive or camera card. Sometimes that is simply not possible due to media damage. This is why we gather a list of the most important files you need. If we are unable to recover any data from your storage media device there will be absolutely no charge for the recovery attempt (except in rare cases when we charge an attempt fee due to unusual circumstances; previously opened drives, flooded drives, other types of situations that make data recovery much more difficult and time consuming than normal).

Warning: Never open your hard drive yourself. Never push down on the lid of your drive. Never put your drive in the freezer. Never tap, hit or drop your hard drive. If you believe your hard drive is failing, turn it off and do not continue to apply power to it. Hard drives are extremely sensitive and can easily be made unrecoverable.

What are the most common reasons for data recovery in Arlington?


Software corruption, which includes damages caused by operating systems accounts for 13% of all data loss incidents. Other likely culprits could be a virus attack or advanced malware such as crypto-locker.


Hard Drive failure is the most common type of issue causing data loss, with a 38% chance. Data recovery is possible only using special equipment to work around the failed areas of the hard drive.


Human error is the cause of 12% of hard drive data loss. Common causes requiring data recovery are accidental deletion of files, overwriting files, or improperly formatting a hard drive.


All hard drives will fail. We’ve been telling our clients this for years. As drives fail the operating system will have problems accessing your data. Drive read instability accounts for 30% of all Data Recovery cases.

What to do when experiencing hard drive failure...


Immediately unplug your system and call a professional. Don’t attempt any data recovery efforts as your data can be further compromised unless in the hands of a pro.


Don’t try any software tools or commands such as chkdsk unless you can afford to lose everything.


Operating systems such as Windows 10 and OSX are not equipped to read failed drives. Free software tools can make matters worse. Take a deep breath and get the drive to a pro.

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Why hire us for your Arlington Data Recovery Needs?

  • Expertise
    Our team of technology professionals have years of experience and many established vendor relationships to support all of your IT needs in Alexandria, VA.
    Our flat-fee service model ensures that you won't go over budget on your technology support.
    Our network support professionals act quickly to resolve your IT needs. We strive to fix issues remotely, but we can roll onsite quickly to help you if you are totally down.


Kind Words From Our Clients

I just wanted to again express our gratitude for the outstanding job you did on my network. This was our first time doing business with your company. As you know, things looked extremely bleak when we first called your firm. Too many companies over promise and under deliver. However, your customer service and subsequent support has been outstanding.

I want to send a note to thank you and the rest of the 25/8 team for the outstanding job you did in getting our 8 systems back online after our crypto-locker infection. Because of your fast and thorough work, we were able to use our network for the 56 workshop and five general sessions that were held in San Antonio. Everything was flawless after your recovery and implementation of our new security systems.

I want to express my sincere appreciation for your excellent and timely work over the last few years. When I first hired you, my entire network was down. I now entrust my daily operations to your seasoned tech support agents. I have been more and more impressed by your technical work and guidance.